Is Molecular Hydrogen Water Safe?

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So, Is Molecular Hydrogen Water Safe?

Short answer: molecular hydrogen water is safe. The process of infusing water with molecular hydrogen gas does not introduce harmful substances, and hydrogen itself is a non-toxic gas. However, when considering its safety it's essential to rely on PEM/SPE technology, scientific evidence and expert opinions.


Firstly, What Is Molecular Hydrogen Water?

Molecular hydrogen water is regular water infused with molecular hydrogen gas. It is believed to offer many potential health benefits. 


The Safety Of Molecular Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is generally considered safe for consumption.

Studies have not reported significant adverse effects from consuming hydrogen water.


The Importance Of PEM/SPE Technology In Molecular Hydrogen Water Products

SPE/PEM technology diagram

It's important to note that not all molecular hydrogen water products use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) or Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) technology.

Some products relying on alternative electrolysis methods that may introduce byproducts such as chlorine and ozone gases into the water during the process.

These gases, if present, could potentially pose health risks and counteract the intended benefits of molecular hydrogen water.


Other Reputable Sources On Molecular Hydrogen Water

For those interested in further details on molecular hydrogen water, reputable sources such as MHINCBI, Research GateASCPTDove Press and WebMD offer research articles and studies that provide deeper insights.


Want To Try Molecular Hydrogen Water For Yourself?

Check out The Aqua Cure their backed by over 40+ years of water knowledge and offer industry leading molecular hydrogen water products to help you experience the benefits of molecular hydrogen water proven by decades of studies and science.

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