Should You Drink Molecular Hydrogen Water On An Empty Stomach?

So, Should You Drink Molecular Hydrogen Water On An Empty Stomach?Human Anatomy Highlighting The Stomach

Short answer: yes, before drinking molecular hydrogen water we recommend consuming it on an empty stomach or at least 30 minutes before meals for maximum absorption. 

When consumed with food, the hydrogen molecules can potentially be broken down by stomach acid before reaching the intestines for absorption into the bloodstream.

Consuming molecular hydrogen water separate from meals may optimise hydrogen delivery based on its absorption pathway in the body. 

This study states that molecular hydrogen water was administered to participants on an empty stomach in the morning and proves many benefits from consuming molecular hydrogen water this way.


Other Reputable Sources On Molecular Hydrogen Water 

Turn to trusted authorities such as MHINCBI's databases, Research Gate's scholarly network, publications from ASCPT and Dove Press, as well as reputable medical resources like WebMD – all offering extensive research and analysis on molecular hydrogen water.


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