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Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter

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Tank Size

Key Features

- Removes 99% Contaminants Including Fluoride And Bacteria

- 7 Stage Alkaline Filter Ensuring Perfectly pH Balanced, Remineralised, Restructured, Negative ORP, Hydrogen Rich Water

- Advanced 1:1 Waste Ratio Reverse Osmosis Membrane

- Industry Leading 6 Stage Purification System

- Stop Buying Bottled Water, Save Money & Minimise Plastic Bottle Waste

Health Benefits

- Anti-Aging Properties

- Improved Skin Health

- Aids in Detoxification

- Strengthened Immune System

- Increased Energy Levels

- Rich in Antioxidants

+ Many other benefits

Whats Included

- The Aqua Cure system

- 8L or 12L tank

- Installation Manual


* Online price is for supply only – installation is not included.

*This system requires installation by a licensed plumber in order to be covered under our 12 month manufacturers Warranty. If located in a serviceable area, The Aqua Cure can organise installation on your behalf.

* We recommend you also add our lifetime warranty to your cart to protect your investment. Please visit our refund policy page for more information.

* Cartridges may need to be replaced earlier than the recommended period. This is dependant on individual usage and varying water quality.

Discover the ultimate tap water purification with our RO Alkaline Water Filtration System. This advanced water filter combines reverse osmosis and alkaline water technologies for crisp, clean hydration. With a 6-stage filtration process, it removes impurities, ensuring optimal taste and health benefits. Elevate your lifestyle with easy under-sink installation. Upgrade to premium water quality, featuring alkaline enrichment, and experience the transformative power of our RO Alkaline Water Filtration System.
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A Quick Video On The Aqua Cure System

The Aqua Cure System Vs Other Options

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What makes The Aqua Cure's water filtration system the best choice?

The Aqua Cure stands out for its unparalleled filtration technology, utilizing advanced reverse osmosis to remove 99.99% of harmful contaminants. Our system also enriches the water with essential minerals, creating the perfect pH balance for improved hydration and overall well-being. What truly sets our system apart is the remarkable membrane with a groundbreaking 1:1 waste water ratio – a feat unmatched by any other membrane in the market. This means you get the purest water possible without wasting valuable resources. Compared to any other water filtration system, The Aqua Cure outperforms the competition, offering unmatched purity and exceptional taste, making it the superior choice for purified, alkaline water.

Why do I need a water filtration system when I have tap water?

Tap water commonly has presence of harmful chemicals and impurities, such as chlorine, lead, pesticides, heavy metals and the list goes on. Over time, exposure to these contaminants can have detrimental effects on your health. The Aqua Cure is the ultimate solution, ensuring that you have access to pure, healthy water, entirely free from these harmful substances. Moreover, opting for The Aqua Cure system is not only beneficial for your well-being but also for the environment. By choosing this eco-friendly filtration option, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste caused by bottled water consumption.

What are the health benefits of drinking alkaline water from The Aqua Cure?

The Aqua Cure's alkaline water provides a diverse array of health benefits including:
Enhanced Hydration
pH Balance Support
Rich in Antioxidants
Natural Detoxification
Strengthened Immune System
Alleviates Digestive Discomfort
Increased Energy Levels
Anti-Aging Properties
Improved Skin Health
Reduction of Muscle Fatigue
Enhanced Nutrient Absorption
Supports Joint Health
Promotes Cardiovascular Health
Improves Bone Health
Aids in Respiratory Health
Mental Clarity and Focus
Alleviation of Acid Reflux Symptoms
Assists in Weight Management
Encourages Hair and Nail Health
Supports Overall Well-Being
Hydrates and Refreshes Skin
Boosts Metabolism
Encourages Better Digestion
Eases Muscle Cramps
Supports Healthy Circulation
Reduces Joint Inflammation
Aids in Restful Sleep

Each Stage Of The Aqua Cure System Explained

Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter

At the beginning of The Aqua Cure's filtration process is a 5 Micron Dirt And Sediment Reduction Filter. Its crucial role is to protect the system from physical damage caused by particles like sand, dirt, silt, plant spores, and pollen, commonly found in municipal water supplies. These contaminants, if left unchecked, can clog system components, reducing water flow and filtration efficiency, ultimately affecting water quality. Regularly maintaining this sediment filter is essential to safeguard and extend the life of all following filters in the system. (Replace every 12 months) Depending on water quality.

Stage 2 - 5 Micron GAC T40 Carbon Filter

The Aqua Cure's second stage introduces the precise 5 Micron GAC T40 Carbon Filter. It's expertly designed to remove chlorine, odors, and unwanted tastes found in water. Regularly maintaining this carbon filter is essential to safeguard and extend the life of all following filters in the system. (Replace every 12 months) Depending on water quality.

Stage 3 - 1 Micron CTO Carbon Block Filter

As you progress to the third stage, you'll encounter our precision-designed 1 Micron CTO Carbon Block Filter. This advanced filter excels at removing tiny contaminants, including cysts, chlorine, and organic impurities. It guarantees not just safe but also exceptionally clean water, setting a high standard for water purification. Regularly maintaining this carbon filter is essential to safeguard and extend the life of all following filters in the system. (Replace every 12 months) Depending on water quality.

Stage 4 - 0.0001-micron 1:1 Waste Ratio Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

In the fourth stage, you'll encounter our cutting-edge 1:1 Waste Ratio Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane. This technology excels at molecular-level filtration, removing heavy metals, dissolved solids, and microscopic particles. Our 1:1 waste ratio membrane ensures maximum filtration efficiency with minimal waste, showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility. Enjoy remarkably pure water, free from even the smallest impurities. (Replace every 2-5 years) Depending on water quality.

Stage 5 - 7 Stage Alkaline Filter

Our fifth stage features a powerful 7-Stage Alkaline Filter, meticulously designed to elevate your water quality. This multi-component system includes Tourmaline, ORP Balls, a Magnetic Field, Magnesium, Far Infrared (FIR), Coral Calcium, and Alkaline Ceramic Balls. Together, these components optimize pH balance, enrich water with minerals, restructures to enhance absorption, and improve overall vitality. It's the secret behind enhanced hydration. (Replace every 2 years)

stage 6 - T33 post carbon filter

In the sixth stage, you'll encounter our T33 Post Carbon Filter. This final step adds a refreshing touch, removing any remaining tastes or odors, ensuring that your water is crystal clear and delicious. (Replace every 12 months)

Our Promise To You

We know you'll love your filter system, but for any reason you don't, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll take care of you. We want you to be happy with your purchase!