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Shower Filter

Shower Filter

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Key Features

- Filters 99% Of Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Microorganisms And Other Impurities.

- Filter Lasts 14-18 Months, Making It The Longest Lasting Shower Filter On The Market.

- Compatible With Most Shower Heads

- Easy 30 Second DIY installation

Health Benefits

- Anti-ageing

- Body Detoxification

- Collagen Production

- Reduces Dry Skin & Acne

- Aids in Dandruff Treatment

Whats Included

- The Aqua Cure Shower Filter

- Installation Manual


* We Recommend Changing Every 12-14 Months Depending On Water Quality And Usage To Maintain Optimal Water Quality.

Transform your shower into a haven of purity with our advanced Shower Filter. Specifically designed for shower heads, this water filter system guarantees a spa-like experience. Bid farewell to chlorine and embrace a revitalizing cascade that's gentle on your skin and hair. Elevate your shower routine with this exceptional water filter for showers, crafted for a healthier you.

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Our Skin Absorbs More Than We Realize

- Our skin actually absorbs much of what we contact when bathing and showering, more than you may realize.

- Over 90% of chlorine and chemicals get taken up by our skin and hair follicles during a typical shower.

- This means compounds like chlorine slip through our guard to penetrate deeply into pores and follicles.

- The soothing warm sensation of shower water can disguise the hidden risk of these harsh chemicals getting rapidly absorbed.

The Hidden Impact of Unfiltered Shower Water

- Chlorine residues result in moisture-stripped, dehydrated skin and brittle, frizzy hair by eradicating protective barriers

- Disease-causing bacteria and fungi often spread rashes, irritation, infections and clogged follicles

- Lead, copper and aluminum heavy metals are linked to embarrassing acne, inflammation and sensitivity reactions

- VOCs (volatile organic compounds) penetrate deep beneath the skin to silently trigger toxicity, speed up aging, strange odors and headaches

Remove Contaminants - Turning Your Water Into A Spa-like Experience

- Multi-stage filtration catches and removes 99% of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, microorganisms and other impurities.

- Prevents infiltration of chemicals and toxins into pores and follicles for clean absorption

- Water retains hydrating minerals like calcium that nourish skin and strengthen hair

- Saves money previously wasted on products to reverse damage from unfiltered water

Our Promise To You

We know you'll love your shower filter, but for any reason you don't, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll take care of you. We want you to be happy with your purchase!