How Do I Make Molecular Hydrogen Water?

 Different Options Of Hydrogen Water

So, How Do I Make Molecular Hydrogen Water?

Short answer: Making molecular hydrogen water is a simple process that involves infusing regular water with molecular hydrogen gas. You can make molecular hydrogen water using electric molecular hydrogen water generators, non-electric molecular hydrogen water/filters, molecular hydrogen tablets and powders or magnesium sticks.

Here's a comprehensive guide to various methods of creating molecular hydrogen-infused water:

  • Electric Molecular Hydrogen Water Generators
  • Non-Electric Molecular Hydrogen Water/Filters
  • Molecular Hydrogen Tablets And Powders
  • Magnesium Sticks
  • Ready-Made Molecular Hydrogen Water
  • Natural Hydrogen Sources/Rare Natural Water Springs

    Firstly, What Is Molecular Hydrogen Water?

    Molecular hydrogen water is regular water infused with molecular hydrogen gas. It is believed to offer many potential health benefits. 


    Electric Molecular Hydrogen Water Generators

    Electric water generators use a process called electrolysis to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The molecular hydrogen gas is then infused back into the water.  


    Molecular Hydrogen Water BottlesThe Aqua Cure's Hydrogen Water Bottle

    Innovative molecular hydrogen water bottles like The Aqua Cure's Hydrogen Water Bottle is a cost-effective option compared to ioniser machines and outperforms majority of ioniser machines and molecular hydrogen water bottles in total dissolved hydrogen content. 

    The average molecular hydrogen water bottle can produce 0.6ppb-1.2ppb total dissolved molecular hydrogen content.

    Whereas, The Aqua Cure's molecular Hydrogen Water Bottle can produce up to 5.0ppb total dissolved molecular hydrogen content.


    Molecular Hydrogen Water Ioniser Machine

    Molecular hydrogen water ionisers machines are much bulkier and more complex machines. While effective in producing molecular hydrogen rich water they require more space, carry very expensive price tags and their water filtration capabilities are not great. Ionisers can produce alkaline and acidic water as well. 


    Non-Electric Molecular Hydrogen Water/FiltersThe Aqua Cure's Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter System

    Non-electric water filters aim to mimic mother nature, adding many natural minerals and hydrogen content of rare healing spring waters.

    Non-electric water filters can filter tap water while adding alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium through ionisation. And very rarely they can actually infuse a small amount of molecular hydrogen. 

    Non-electric water filters provide cleaned, alkaline, mineral-rich water, they generally produce lower molecular hydrogen levels compared to electric options. The hydrogen infusion relies on passing water over magnesium or calcium rather than electrolysis technology.

    The Aqua Cure's Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter has the capabilities of turning tap water into filtered, purified, alkaline, mineral-rich, structured and molecular hydrogen-rich water. 


    Molecular Hydrogen Tablets And PowdersHydrogen Tablets

    Molecular hydrogen tablets and powders dissolve in water and release molecular hydrogen gas rapidly through a chemical reaction. 

    They are portable, affordable (not long term), and easy to use. 

    However, the concentration can vary based on tablet size/scoop size and ingredients.

    Verifying independent lab results helps ensure quality from reputable third party testing services. Dissolved molecular hydrogen concentration levels may differ between brands.

    Molecular hydrogen tablets and powders are an excellent choice for those on the go, providing the benefits of molecular hydrogen conveniently.


    Magnesium SticksMagnesium Sticks To Make Hydrogen Water

    Magnesium sticks have been in the market since the early 2000s. They generate H2 water through a chemical reaction with water. While they are effective, magnesium sticks lack water filtration, and consistency in H2 generation times can be an issue. The best molecular hydrogen levels are achieved by leaving the stick in water for an extended period. However, they work well, especially with properly filtered water.


    Pre-Made Molecular Hydrogen WaterPre Made Hydrogen Water

    Buying pre-made molecular hydrogen water provides instant access without preparation. These products are pre-infused with molecular hydrogen and can be conveniently purchased for immediate consumption. However, check for third-party verification of molecular hydrogen levels, as quality varies across brands. 


    Natural Hydrogen Sources/Rare Natural Water SpringsNatural Hydrogen Sources/Rare Natural Water Springs

    Some natural water sources, like rare springs in locations such as Nordenau (Germany), Tlacote (Mexico), and Hita Tenryosui (Japan), contain dissolved molecular hydrogen along with alkaline minerals.

    However, it's crucial to note that the molecular hydrogen levels in these natural springs are generally lower levels possible with modern production methods. 

    Directly accessing these remote sources is extremely limited.



    The combination of The Aqua Cure's Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter  and  Hydrogen Water Bottle stands out in the water filtration and hydrogen water market.

    Firstly, the water filter system transforms tap water into – filtered, purified, alkaline, mineral-rich, structured, and molecular hydrogen-enriched.

    Secondly, when paired with molecular hydrogen water bottle, the result is more than likely the highest total dissolved hydrogen content in water and the most healthiest, beneficial water you could ever drink!

    Hopefully you found a way to making molecular hydrogen water that suits your preferences and lifestyle with these diverse methods from this blog.



    Other Reputable Sources On Molecular Hydrogen Water 

    Turn to trusted authorities such as MHINCBI's databases, Research Gate's scholarly network, publications from ASCPT and Dove Press, as well as reputable medical resources like WebMD – all offering extensive research and analysis on molecular hydrogen water.


    Curious About Molecular Hydrogen Water And Its Potential Advantages? 

    The Aqua Cure offers industry-leading molecular hydrogen water products in this space, drawing from over four decades of water knowledge to bring you the benefits backed by extensive studies.

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